Excess Household Trash/Furniture/Bulky Waste

Household trash, furniture, bulky waste or any item that will not fit into your green rollout container (including additional garbage bags) are collected weekly on your normal collection day.  If you have these items you may also contact our Customer Service Center to schedule a special collection.  If items are placed at the curb with or without a request for collection, the Solid Waste crews will collect these items and a fee will appear on your monthly utility bill.  In the event there are items at the curb in front of an unoccupied property or multifamily complex or unit(s) the landlord will be sent an invoice for the appropriate fees. 

The fee for this service is:  $15 - Items up to 100 lbs.
                                       $25 - Items 100 lbs. or more
These fees are per trip.  A trip is defined as "what will fit into the bed of a passenger pickup truck."  Therefore, if it is a large pile the fee will increase accordingly per trip.
These days will be during the week that Spring begins & the week that Fall begins. Please check your calendar for those particular days/weeks. If either of these days fall on a Saturday, the free excess trash week will be the week before the Saturday.  If they fall on a Sunday, it will be the week following the Sunday.  The specific dates will be advertised using our Blackboard communication service. Please sign up for Blackboard as it will enhance our ability to communicate with you, our customers, on a timely and efficient basis.  The best way for us to communicate with you through the Blackboard service is via the email/text option, however, if you do not have an email or text device, you may provide your phone number.  Please follow this link, blackboard, to subscribe to this service.
The City will not collect the following items: car or engine parts (other than tires), construction material such as duct work, sheet rock, ceramic tiles, wiring, siding, plywood, paint cans that contain wet paint (please put cat litter into the can to soak up wet paint or have the can empty and clean), dirt, concrete, rocks, and bricks.