Leaf Collection

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             No Bags   Loose at Curb for Collection

The City vacuums leaves from the curb from October 1 through March 31. Place your leaves loose at the edge of the curb at the street; Please DO NOT put them in the street or on the sidewalk. Leaves should not be placed in the gutter line near storm drains or ditches - heavy rains can cause the leaves to block the flow of rainwater.

Do not bag or containerize leaves from October 1 through March 31 Bagging or putting leaves in containers slow down our leaf collection crews. Tarps may be used to move leaves from the rear yard to the curb. Please remove your tarps prior to our collection as they can cause damage if vacuumed into our machines.

During peak leaf season, November through January, your leaves may not be picked up on your regular collection day. Crews will collect your leaves at least twice during these three months. Yard waste is only collected the first full week in November, December and January which allows crews to devote more time to leaf collection.

REMEMBER! FROM MARCH 31 until September 30 leaves must be put in a 32-gallon personal container with handles or a City yard waste cart. Click here for more information on yard waste carts.

To receive updates on leaf collection routes please download our solid waste app on your mobile device.

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