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S.W.A.T Team

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SWAT with weapons at door SWAT single file with weapons drawn outside house
SWAT sniper in the woods SWAT Entry in Smoke

State, Regional and National Champions

Gastonia's SWAT Team has earned state, regional and national recognition in SWAT competitions. They are a five-time state winner at the North Carolina Justice Academy (1992-1994, 1996 and 2013), and a three-time regional winner in Spartanburg, S.C., (1995, 1997 and 2004). ESPN billed the 11th Annual Southeastern SWAT Competition in Spartanburg April 28-May 1, 2004, as the National SWAT Challenge.

2013 SWAT First Place Win

The Gastonia Police SWAT Team brought home a first place win in the 2013 SWAT Competition in Salemburg, NC. The three-day competition sponsored by the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association was held March 26-28, and consisted of seven teams from police departments, sheriff’s offices and the Fort Bragg Military Police. Click here for a slideshow.

SWAT Team members:

  • Capt. Travis Brittain (Team Commander)
  • Sgt. Jimmy Arndt (Assistant Commander)
  • Sgt. Jamey Blalock (Team Leader)
  • Sgt. Brian Atkins (Team Leader)
  • Jim Poole
  • Lex Popovich
  • Matt Willis
  • Kevin Putnam
  • Scott Norton
  • Anthony Borja
  • Adam Wilson
  • David Wind
  • Craig Singer
  • Eric Seagle
  • Clint Bridges
  • Stephen Rollins
  • Ben Reese
  • Warren Roberts
  • Andy Gregory
  • David Ferguson (Reserves)
  • Sgt. David Sisk (Mount Holly PD)
  • David Lancaster (Belmont PD)
  • Brian Lawrence (Gaston County Sheriff's Office)
  • Jason Ellis (Gaston County Sheriff's Office)
  • Stephen Strickland (Gaston County Sheriff's Office)
  • Capt. Gary Williams (Gaston County Sheriff's Office)
  • Joe Griffin (Gaston County Sheriff's Office)


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