Aboveground/Underground Storage Tank Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Flammable and Combustible Liquids Aboveground/Underground Storage Tanks Plan Review Submittal Requirements

The NC Fire Prevention Code requires that a construction permit be obtained to install, alter, remove, abandon, place temporarily out of service or otherwise dispose of a flammable or combustible liquids tank. The code also requires that construction documents must be submitted for review and approval prior to beginning any work.

The following information and construction documents are required to be provided with the Fire Department Construction Permit Application for a flammable/combustible liquids tank. Not every project will require the same amount of information, however, the more information that is provided with the plans, the less likelihood that additional information will be needed for the plan review process or the need for modifications being identified during the inspection process. Some jobs, such as modifications, alterations, or tank removals may not require all of the following information. If some of the information is not needed or available, it is important that you call and discuss the circumstances before submitting the Fire Department Construction Permit Application.

1. Two sets of plans, one will be returned. Must include the location (street address), point of compass, and a graphic representation of the scale used.

2. The location of the tanks in relation to property lines, buildings, dispensing devices, roads, other tanks, fire hydrants, etc.

3. The design, construction, type and capacity of tanks. If applicable, include the design of tank supports, vault, and identify external and internal corrosion protection.

4. Include burial depth and bedding for underground tanks.

5. Include listing information such as U.L. number for the tanks and fuel dispensers.

6. Identify the product for each fuel dispenser. Must clearly indicate the location of Kerosene dispensers in relation to gasoline dispensing units.

7. The product, the classification of the product, and the quantity of product that is to be stored in each tank.

8. Identify all portable and fixed fire control equipment and show their locations. This includes portable fire extinguishers, water or foam sprinkler systems, monitor nozzles, etc.

9. Venting – must show the location of the tank vent piping, size and height of piping, and emergency relief venting (if applicable).

10. All filling, emptying and vapor recovery connections. Show API color-coding.

11. All overfill protection, secondary containment, and method of leak detection.

12. Location of emergency shut-offs and controls. If applicable, include explosion controls.

13. All signage to be used including emergency directions and normal operating instructions, and hazard identification signs.

14. Locations, type, and design of collision protection.

The issuance of a Fire Department Construction Permit from the Gastonia Fire Marshal’s Office does not relieve the applicant of any permits required by the City of Gastonia Building Services Department. They can be reached at (704) 866-6952