Blasting Submittal Requirements

Blasting operations taking place within the city limits of Gastonia, North Carolina requires a permit from the Fire Marshal's office BEFORE blasting operations take place.

You can now submit permit appllications, plans, and pay permit fees online via our new elctronic City View portal. To do so go to:

  • Note you must register for an account prior to submittal, and activate the account from a valid email address before using. When applying for an account when prompted to associate the account with a contractor and business license, select NO. Please review the following video on registering for an account at:
  • When the account is confirmed, go to the above portal page, click apply for a fire permit, in the choose the application type select Fire, and then complete the submittal application.
  • If you desire to submit paper plans, you will need to submit a permit application, full submittal below, and pay the permit fee via check only. Submittal can be mailed or dropped off.
  • Our preferred method of submitting permit applications and plans is through the new City View portal system. Please refer to the below submittal guidelines when submitting: 

Below are the blasting submittal requirements:  

1. Provide a copy of the NC 811 Locate ticket.

2. Provide a legible sketch of the blast site showing measured distances to adjacent buildings, streets, utilities, wells, and other facilities.

3. Provide a blasting plan to include a description of the proposed blasting procedures, an estimate of the total number of cubic yards of material to be removed by blasting, an estimate of the number of blasts to be detonated, the quantity and type of explosives to be used, the maximum amount of explosives per delay, the maximum number of holes per delay, and the proposed placement of seismographs.

4. Provide information as to the proposed hours during which the blasting operations will be conducted.

5. Provide information as to the safety plan of the blasting operations to include traffic control, barricading, signage plan, and adverse weather operation plan.

6. Letter on company letterhead stating that your personnel conducting the blasting are properly trained, and a statement that all personnel will obey and adhere to all local, state, and federal laws during blasting operations.

7. Copy of the liability insurance policy.

8. Permit application filled out completely.

9. $200 fee which will be good for the first six months of blasting.

The above information can be emailed to the Fire Marshal at, or can be dropped at at GFD Headquarters located at: 260 N. Myrtle School Road Gastonia, NC 28052.






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