Route Information

Most routes begin and end at Bradley Station, located at the intersection of Oakland Street and Main Avenue. Refer to the route departure times and the maps located in the Quick Links section to the right. For specific route information please contact Bradley Station at (704) 866-6855. Service is provided Monday through Saturday; no service is provided on Sundays.
You can get onto the Gastonia Transit system at any place along a route that is marked with a Gastonia Transit bus stop sign. You should arrive at the bus stop several minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. All buses are wheelchair-accessible.
Every Gastonia Transit bus has a large destination sign above its windshield, and another smaller sign next to the front door. These signs tell you the route number, the final destination and major points along the route. If you're not sure that you are getting on the correct bus, just tell the driver where you want to go, and he/she will be glad to help.
Be sure to have the exact fare (or ticket) ready to deposit into the farebox. Although our electronic fareboxes accept coins and bills, neither they, nor the drivers make change.
NEW! Effective July of 2018, transit routes will change.  Click HERE to view the new transit map for updated routes, times and additional information.  If you have any comments or questions about the services provided by Gastonia Transit, call the information number at 704-866-6855.
The Route Map and routes 1-8 below will be obsolete after June 2nd: 
   Bus Stop Names

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