Streets - Drawer 71 D

71D-1 Cross-Section - 50' R/W, 27' Standard Street
71D-1P * Provisional - Cross-Section - 50' R/W Narrow Street
71D-2 Cross-Section - 60' R/W Collector Street
71D-2P * Provisional - Cross Section - 40' R/W Narrow Street
71D-3 Cross Section - 60' R/W Minor Thoroughfare / Special Collector Street
71D-4 Cross Section - 60' R/W Standard Street (Collector) Showing Utilities Locations
71D-5 Cross Section - 60' R/W Standard Street Showing Utilities Locations
71D-6 Cul-de-sac Detail, Standard Street with Curb and Gutter
71D-6P * Provisional - Cul-de-sac Detail, Reduced Radius Street
71D-7 Cross Section - 60' R/W Industrial / Heavy Duty
71D-8 Curb and Gutter, 24" Standard
71D-9 Curb and Gutter, 30" Standard
71D-10 Curb and Gutter, Concrete - Slope Transition for Super Elevation
71D-11 Rolled Type Valley Gutter
71D-12 Momolithic Sidewalk - Curb Driveway Section
71D-13 Concrete Island and Vertical Curb Detail
71D-14 Sidewalk Detail - Concrete
71D-15 Standard Location of Utilty Lines Within Side and Rear Lot Easements of a Subdivision
71D-20B Driveway Entrance - Valley Curb
71D-20B1 Driveway Entrance - Valley Curb - Zero Setback
71D-21 Driveway Entrance Grade
71D-22 Omitted
71D-23 Omitted
71D-24 Driveway - Double Corner Commercial - Urban
71D-25 Driveway for Commercial Establishment, Curbed
71D-26 Pavement Repair for Utility Cut - Thoroughfares
71D-26A Pavement Repair for Utility Cut - Residential City Streets
71D-27 Wheelchair Ramp Detail Sidewalk with Planter Strip
71D-27A Wheelchair Ramp Detail Sidewalk without Planter Strip
71D-28 Cast in Place Detactable Warning Surface for Wheelchair Ramp
71D-31 Wheelchair Ramp - Special Situations
71D-32 Omitted
71D-33 Utility Adjustments for Resurfacing
71D-34 Curb Transition - 2'6" Curb & Gutter to 2'0" Valley Gutter
71D-35 Omitted
71D-36 Catch Basin Frame in Valley Gutter
71D-37 Omitted
71D-38 Curb Transition - Intersection Road
71D-39A Road Hump
71D-39B Road Hump
71D-40A Road Hump - Alternate - Parabolic
71D-40B Road Hump - Alternate - Directional Arrows
71D-41C Tree Planting Detail
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