Community Centers & Parks

Community centers provide a combination of gymnasiums, clubrooms and game rooms for use by the general public.  A variety of supervised recreational activities and instructional programs for all age groups are offered on a year-round basis. General hours of operation are 11:30AM – 8PM, Monday – Thursday, 10:30AM - 7PM on Friday, and 9AM – 5PM on Saturday, but these times may vary according to scheduled programs. During the summer months these facilities operate on an extended schedule and open at 10AM on weekdays. Most community centers are also located within park settings and provide different combinations of outdoor amenities including picnic areas, ball fields, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, and playgrounds.
Beautiful parks are located throughout Gastonia, offering opportunities for a variety of active and passive recreational pursuits. Many provide tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, softball and baseball fields, playground apparatus, and picnic areas. Parks are open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. Lighted outdoor facilities operate independently when scheduled.
Picnic shelters, ball fields and community centers may be rented by families, churches, companies or other groups for a variety of social and business functions. Please contact the specific Community Center to inquire about rental availability.
For more information on individual community centers and parks, please see the Quick Links section to the right.
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