Emergency Responder Communication Coverage

Section 510 of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code mandates Emergency Responder Communication Coverage.

The purpose of this code section is to ensure that fire reponders can communicate via radio in all NEW buildings.

Any new building that is greater than 7,500 square feet, have windowless buidlings, underground buildings, or buildings with a basement, will be required to have a radio signal strengh test study conducted (also known as BDA or ERCC studies).  

The Gastonia Fire Marshal's Office strongly recommends having a pre-construction signal strength test study conducted for new buildings that meet the above cirteria, however that is not required.

Official singal studies (also known as BDA or ERCC studies) can only be conducted once the building is permanently enclosed which includes: all windows, doors, dry wall, exterior coatings, and roof are installed. When tests are conducted all windows and doors in the building should be closed.

To assist in explaining the complete requirement of testing, and if needed installing a ERCC system, see the below document.

ERCC document can be accessed here.

Note, if an Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System is mandated by this office, a permit to install it is required. Our preferred method of submitting applications is through our online portal City View (see Gastoniafire.org/construction for complete instructions). On that page view the video titled "City View Construction permit". For this application you will need to select Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System as your work item in the City View portal.

The submittal to install an Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System should include:

1. Failed Emergency Responder Communication Coverage (BDA) testing report.

2. System design plans and equipment cut sheets

3. Installer qualifications

4. Scope of work letter.

If you have any questions contact Assitant Fire Marshal Terry Revis at revis_terry@cityofgastonia.com, or Fire Marshal Chris Stowe at: stowe_chris@cityofgastonia.com.


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