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Q: My recycling cart was not collected. What should I do?

A: The City collected recycling carts in October and November 2020. If your gray recycling cart was not collected by Nov. 20, 2020, please contact the City on the WasteWise app using the “Request Recycle Cart Pickup” tab or email generalservices@cityofgastonia.com.  

Q: How do I request an additional garbage cart?  

A: Please contact the City on the WasteWise app or email generalservices@cityofgastonia.com to request an additional cart. Each additional garbage cart will add $7.50 per month to your Solid Waste bill. If you request an additional cart, the cart will be delivered after the collection of all recycling carts in the City. 

Q: Can I keep my recycling cart and use it as a yard waste cart or an additional garbage cart?

A: No. Gray recycling carts that have been collected and repurposed by the City have a special decal. If a resident does not have this decal on their gray cart, City crews will not empty the cart.

Residents who want a yard waste cart can request one from the City by using the WasteWise app or by emailing generalservices@cityofgastonia.com.

Q: What did the City do with all of the recycling carts it collected?

A:  The City of Gastonia collected recycling carts at the curb in October and November, cleaned them, and repurposed them into garbage carts.  

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