Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Section 510 of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code mandates Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.

The purpose of this code section is to ensure that fire reponders can communicate via radio in all NEW buildings.

The Gastonia Fire Marshal's Office procedures for following this code mandate are below:

-When we are called for a Certificate of Occupancy inspection, during that inspection we will conduct a preliminary signal test of our radios throughout the building. If the signal test fails, then a BDA test will be mandated with a testing contractor, this office, and our radio shop involved.

-If the BDA test fails, then a Emergency Reponder Radio Coverage System will be required to be installed.

For information on the requirements of this sytem, a list of contractors in the area, and what needs to be involved, click here.

Note that a permit must be pulled through this office before a ERRCS can be installed.