Design Districts

Central Business (C-B) Design District
The City of Gastonia has recently adopted revised standards for the exterior design and characteristics of structures located within the central business (C-B) district. The purpose of the C-B district design standards is to ensure that new development and rehabilitation taking place in the central business district is executed with appropriate urban design, site planning and architectural principles & techniques. In order to achieve these goals, these design standards focus on a set of key principles that aim for human scale patterns of development and context-sensitive design. Projects will be evaluated by a professional staff Design Review Committee (DRC), allowing for creativity and flexibility while also ensuring compatibility with these key principles. Through conformity with these standards and the design review process, development and rehabilitation projects will contribute to a stable, attractive, economically viable, pedestrian-scaled environment in the downtown area of Gastonia.

Oakland Center City Design District
In an effort to ensure that development surrounding the Center City is done in a manner that best contributes to the economic well being of the City of Gastonia as well as the welfare of its citizens, the City Council initiated the first "Center City Design District" in May 2006 specifically related to the Oakland neighborhood. The district was created to provide an opportunity for design review for new development and redevelopment within the district.
Applications for exterior work on buildings, structures, fences, porches, etc. and installation of satellite dishes, aboveground utilities, signs, etc. must be reviewed and approved by a Design Review Committee appointed by the City Manager. The list above does not include all work to be approved by the committee. An approved application is required prior to the issuance of a building permit or other permits required for work.
Design District designation provides a powerful tool for regulating architectural design.  The Design District is primarily intended to preserve the aesthetic quality of historic centers.  With this type of innovative design ordinance it is possible to protect the distinctive character, landscape, and historic structures within the district. 
New development or alterations to structures within a design district are required to be harmoniously related to their surroundings,  the terrain, the scale, and the architecture of existing buildings.  Each design district established by City Council should have its own design regulations that reflect the character of each district.  It is not to say that a design district performs the same as a historic district but rather it compliments the existing historic area.
     Oakland Map      Oakland Application

Urban Standards Overlay Districts
The Urban Standards Overlay (USO) district contains a number of design and subdivision standards that apply solely to non-residential uses on properties located in USO district (except where otherwise indicated in the Unified Development Ordinance (ref: 7.6.5).
The Planning Department is located at Garland Municipal Business Center at 150 S. York Street on the second floor.
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Garland Municipal Business Center
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