Downtown Economic Incentives

Architectural Design Services and Façade Improvement Program Purpose
Architectural Design Services and Façade Improvements is an economic incentive program of the City of Gastonia that offers financial assistance to eligible new and existing business and property owners within the City’s Municipal Service District (MSD) to restore/rehabilitate the exterior character-defining features of the property. The MSD is roughly bounded by Chester and Broad Streets on the west and east and Third and Walnut Avenues on the south and north. A map of the exact MSD area is found below.
Municipal Service District Map

Program Features

  • The program offers incentive grants, in the form of reimbursement up to $10,000 for façade improvements and/or $1,500 for architectural design services, meeting the program’s eligibility and location requirements. The façade grant is a 1:1 matching grant and the scope of work must be approved by the program administrator before any work begins.
  • Funding for the program comes from revenue generated by the MSD property tax levy and is limited in any fiscal year to the program budget approved by City Council. Funding awards are merit-based and subject to funding limitations.
  • The Gastonia City Council shall have final authority and discretion over the award of all incentive grants and may continue, alter, or discontinue funding for any portion of or all of the program at any time.


Application Forms

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