Extend Water and Sewer Lines

If property owners in an area without City water and sewer service desire these utilities, they can request a petition to the City to extend lines under the Assessment Policy. The City evaluates the feasibility of the extension(s) before the properties in the area requesting utility service(s) can proceed with the petition.  According to this policy, lines will be extended to areas where more than 50% of the property owners sign the petition requesting water and/or sewer service.  The signers of the petition must also own more than 50% of the road frontage that will be served by the water and/or sewer petition extension. 
For information on extending water and sewer line services, please contact staff at the contact information below. 
Offices for Public Improvement and Infrastructure are located in the Garland Municipal Business Center located at 150 S. York Street on the third floor.
Contact Information:
Garland Municipal Business Center
150 S. York Street, Gastonia, NC 28052
(PO Box 1748, Gastonia, NC  28053-1748)
704.866.6943 (office)
704.864.9732 (fax)

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