Building - Retaining Walls (Residential or Commercial)

Permit Required  
Residential Commercial
Retaining Walls exceeding 4 ft. in Height     Retaining Walls exceeding 5' in height    

Note: Retaining Walls need their own address if not in the parameter of one that has an address assigned. Please send your plans with adjacent address and we will notify you if the permit will need to be divided into several. Each address for retaining walls needs its own permit and we can clone the one into however many are needed.

Submittal Requirements (will be needed before starting application on-line):

* You will be prompted to upload required documents. *

When applying for permit on portal – things to know:

    • Step 1
      • Choose “Building” for the Application Type
      • Please describe Work Being Done and Include Location of Wall and Measurements
      • Building Use (Which to Select)
        • Commercial – For Obvious Commercial Jobs or for Retaining Walls at residential subdivisions
        • Residential – For Wall Repairs/Replacements or new at existing residential properties
      • Must Enter Estimated Cost for this Project
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 2
      • “Building” should already be grayed out. Nothing further to select here.
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 3
      • Select the one Retaining Wall work item that applies to this job.
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 4
      • Enter 0 for Heated and Unheated.
      • Enter the number of walls in the space next to Retaining Walls
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 5
      • Start typing the project address and select when you see it populate below where you are typing. If you do not have an address for this retaining wall, please save your application and contact us so that one can be assigned.  Call Brent Ratchford at 704-836-0065.
      • If you have an address and have selected, scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 6
      • Click on “Choose General Contractor from Address Book” and find your company and add here.
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 7
      • Upload all required documents such as site plans, building plans and other applicable documentation.
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 8
      • Review information entered and submit
      • Scroll down and click on Next Step
    • Step 9
      • You will receive confirmation of submitted application and an application number will be given


Offices for Building Permits and Inspections are located in the Garland Municipal Business Center at 150 S. York Street on the first floor.
Contact Information:
Garland Municipal Business Center
150 S. York Street, Gastonia, NC  28052
(PO Box 1748, Gastonia, NC  28053-1748)
Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

704.866.6729 extension 3 (office)
704.836.0010 (fax)

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