Top 10 Code Violations

The Gastonia Fire Department's Life Safety Division enforces the North Carolina Fire Code. Any commercial building in the City of Gastonia is required to be inspected by a member of our staff.
As a service to our citizens, below is the top 10 code violations commonly found during inspections.
  1. Fire extinguishers failing to have annual inspections by a qualified extinguisher company.
  2. Improper Storage of combustibles too close to heat sources or ceilings, and the improper storage and use of flammable liquids/ hazardous materials.
  3. Extension cords used as substitute for permanent wiring.
  4. Exit problems such as; blocked aisles, blocked/locked doors, and blocked/open fire doors.
  5. Inoperative Exit Signs and Emergency Lights due to burned out bulbs and bad batteries for back up in case of electrical power failure.
  6. Bad housekeeping without regular trash removal.
  7. Broken or defective electrical fixtures (broken, missing outlet or switch plate covers and electrical light fixtures).
  8. Blocked Electrical Circuit Breaker Panels (A minimum clearance of 36” is required in front and to the sides of panels).
  9. Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishing and Sprinkler Systems failing to have routine servicing/testing by a qualified company.
  10. Street address numbers not displayed or proper size.

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