Fire Alarm Submittal Requirements

Fire Alarm & Detection System Plan Review Submittal Requirements

The NC Fire Prevention Code requires that a construction permit be obtained for the installation of/or modification to fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment.

If a fire alarm contractor is modifying an existing fire alarm, or installing a new system look below for the full submittal requirements:

  • If 10 or less devices are being added or modified, then only a permit application, permit payment and specification sheets are required.
  • Emergency repairs only require a permit application and permit payment.
  • Modification of an Existing System will require plans only if the fire alarm panel is being upgraded or replaced with a new fire alarm panel.
  • Two sets of plans that are either PE or NICET III stamped.
  • Show the location address of the protected premises.
  • Be drawn to a specific scale of 1/8 inch.
  • Provide the manufacturer’s data sheets indicating the model numbers and listing information for equipment, devices, and materials.
  • Device legend and symbols in accordance with NFPA 170.
  • Provide a Riser diagram in accordance with Section 7.4.6 of NFPA 72.
  • Provide a Sequence of operation input/output matrix.
  • A floor plan that shows the use of all rooms or spaces.
  • Locations of all alarm initiating devices.
  • Location of all alarm notification devices including candela ratings.
  • Location of fire alarm control unit, transponders, and power supplies.
  • Show the location of all annunciators.
  • Show the power connection for the system.
  • Provide Battery calculations and Voltage drop calculations.
  • Provide conductor type and sizes.
  • Provide details of ceiling heights and construction.

The issuance of a Fire Department Construction Permit from the Gastonia Fire Marshal’s Office does not relieve the applicant of any permits required by the City of Gastonia Building Services Department. They can be reached at (704)866 6729.