Fire Sprinkler Submittal Requirements

Automatic Sprinkler or Standpipe System Plan Review Submittal Requirements

The NC Fire Prevention Code requires that a construction permit be obtained for the installation of/or modification to an automatic sprinkler or standpipe system.

  • If modifying 10 or less heads then only a permit application and permit fee are required.
  • If modifying 11 or more heads or installing a new system, a permit applicaton, permit fee, and all of the below must be submitted:  
  • Provide two sets of NICET Level III stamped drawings.
  • Plans must be drawn to 1/8 inch scale.
  • Plans must identify all rooms and spaces within the area being protected.
  • Plans must indicate all ceiling heights and types of ceilings.
  • Plans must show the location of the FDC, risers, and any standpipe systems provided.
  • Please furnish the manufacturer specification sheets for all heads, piping and materials being used.
  • Provide a total count and type of heads being used per floor or area being protected.
  • Provide hydraulic calculations based on a current flow test.
  • Plans must show sizes and diameter of all piping.
  • Plans must show a hydrant within 100 feet of the FDC connection.
  • The FDC connection must either be remote or in an approved location.
  • Show the location of all control valves, relief valves, check valves, drain valves and test connections.
  • Plans shall indicate the commodity being protected.

The issuance of a Fire Department Construction Permit from the Gastonia Fire Marshal’s Office does not relieve the applicant of any permits required by the City of Gastonia Building Services Department. They can be reached at (704)866 6729.