Leaf Collection

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 October 1 through March 31 is the cities leaf season.  During this time please place all leaf debris loose at the curb.  If you utilize tarps, trailers or wheel barrels please transfer the leaves from these items in order to receive your collection. 

November through January is peak leaf collection season,  your leaves may not be vacuumed on your regular collection day. Please download our social media application WasteWise or visit our web site to get up to date information on when your collection will take place.  You will need to turn on notifications from these sites in order to receive messages regarding your scheduled collection.

During peak leaf collection season yard waste is only collected the first full week in November, December and January which allows crews to concentrate on leaf collection.

You may place your leaves into your City of Gastonia yard waste cart or 32 gallon containers with handles. Please do not place any leaf debris or yard waste in bags as this may cause you to incur an excess trash fee.  Any items placed in bags are considered trash and cannot be composted by the City or County. 

REMEMBER! FROM MARCH 31 until September 30 all leaves & grass clippings must be containerized as we do not vacuum during this time period.  Please consider utilizing a City yard waste cart for these items outside of the season. Click here for more information on yard waste carts.

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