General Provisions

Chapter 9 General Provisions

UDO Section     Description Brochure   
9.1 Customary Home Occupations  
9.2 Satellite Dishes  
9.3 Boundary Structures  
9.4 Fences or Walls Permitted  
9.4.1 Residential Districts  
9.4.2 All Other Districts  
9.4.3 Correctional Facility; Public Utility Structures  
9.5 Lot to Abut a Dedicated Street; Minimum Lot Widths  
9.6 One Prinicipal Building or Use Per Lot  
9.7 Sight Distance Triangles  
9.8 Height and Yard Exceptions  
9.9 Accessory Structures and Uses  
9.10 Private Residential Quarters  
9.11 Reduction of Lot and Yard Areas  
9.12 Use of Manufactured Homes  
9.13 Outdoor Lighting and Reflectivity  
9.14 Special Grading Treatment Abutting Residential Districts  
9.15 Communication Towers and Communication Tower, Combined  
9.16 Outdoor Storage and Display of Goods, Materials, Wastes and Equipment  
9.17 Automobile Repair in Residential Zoning Districts or on Lots Used Primarily for Residential Purposes  
9.18 Sidewalks/Greenstrips  
9.18.1   Sideswalks  
9.18.2 Greenstrips  
9.19 Hours of Operation  
9.20 Uses With Outdoor Speakers  
9.21 Odor  
9.22 Noise  
9.23 Access Management  
9.24 Construction Begun Prior to Adoption of Ordinance  
9.25 Vibration  
9.26       Stormwater Detention  

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