The goal of the City Electric Department is to maintain and operate a safe and reliable system in an economic and environmentally friendly manner for its customer owners, which includes residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
The City of Gastonia has owned and operated its own municipal electrical system since 1900. Gastonia is part of ElectriCities of North Carolina and, along with 18 other municipal partners, owns a portion of the Catawba Nuclear Station. The City supplies an average of 56,000,000 KWH per month to the 26,700 residential, commercial, and industrial customers through ten substations operating at a primary voltage of 12,470V.
The utility strives to promote energy efficiency and electric safety education and provides assistance to homeowners looking for ways to reduce energy costs.
If you are a City of Gastonia utility customer and have an after-hours emergency with your utility service, please call: 704-866-6843.
For more information on Utility Customer Service or if you need to update your account information, please call our Customer Service Line: 704-866-6714.
Director of Public Utilities: Joe Albright
Division Manager of Electric: Ron Gaff
Assistant Division Manager: Adrian Certain