The City's stormwater system consists of more than 165 miles of pipe and 18,000 stormwater structures for gathering, draining, & transporting runoff. The City's stormwater utility offers two different programs to help residents dealing with the effects of increased runoff. These programs vary greatly on solution options, cost, and time frame for completion. For more information call Stormwater Services at (704) 866-6843.
The Off Right-of-Way Program
The Off Right-of-Way Program is designed to provide an open channel solution to improve stormwater problems that a property owner may be experiencing. This is a cost-sharing program and open channel solutions are preferred due to the overall water quality benefit to Gastonia's creek system. Requests are completed based on threat to structure and order received.
Storm Drain Extension Policy
The Storm Drain Extension Program offers a wide range of solutions to repair damage due to increased run off. The program provides a financial partnership between the City and property owner, allowing more flexibility and a faster time schedule for completion. Repair options range from open swales with plantings up to pipe solutions.
Director of Public Works :  Dale Denton
Assistant Director of Public Works: Robert Cloninger
Stormwater Utility Administrator: Danon Lawson

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