Yard Waste

yard-wasteDo not put yard waste in your green or grey rollout carts.  Your yard waste will be collected by a different crew on the same day that your garbage is collected.  NC Law requires yard waste to be collected separate from garbage.
The following items are collected by your yard waste crew:

  • Limbs (No larger than 4 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter)
  • Logs (No larger than 4 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter)
  • Grass clippings (Contained in a private container that is 32 gallons or less in size with handles. You may have more than one container if necessary).  DO NOT USE ANY YARD WASTE BAGS.
  • Yard Waste carts are available for a one time $50.00 cart lease, the City will repair any damages free of charge.  You may place all you loose clippings, small limbs, or any compostable material inside of this cart.  Please contact customer service to request a yard waste cart.  Please click here for more information about yard waste carts.
  • Leaves (Vacuumed at the curb from October 1 to March 31st.  April 1st through September 30th leaves will be collected the same method as grass clippings.)

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Yard waste collection is for residential customers only; if you hire a private tree contractor they are required by City ordinance to remove the tree limbs and debris from the property.
During peak leaf season (November, December and January) containerized and loose yard waste will only be collected the first full week of the month.
If you have a large pile of heavy limbs and yard waste debris, your collection may require the use of a special truck that contains a claw arm.  If you feel you qualify for this service please contact our Customer Service Center to schedule a knuckleboom collection of your yard waste.  Please ensure the pile is not within 6 feel of any obstruction, mailbox, vehicle, landscaped area, under low hanging cable, power or phone lines.  If the yard waste crew determines that your pile is large enough for the knuckleboom truck they will schedule the collection for you. Occasionally the knuckleboom truck will operate several days behind your normal collection day, please contact our Customer Service Center if you feel your yard waste was missed or if you were scheduled for this special collection service.
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Offices for Solid Waste are open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.
Contact Information:
Solid Waste Division
P.O. Box 1748 Gastonia, NC 28053-1748
704.866.6774 (office)
704.866.6047 (fax)

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