Online Citizens Reporting System


The Gastonia Police Department offers an Online Citizens Incident Reporting system. We hope you find this system convenient and easy to use. We are offering this system to the public to enhance our customer service by providing an alternative method for reporting a select number of crime types. Some of the benefits of reporting crimes online include:
Reports Can Be Filed Anytime, Anywhere
You can file a report anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t have to wait for an officer to be dispatched.
Secure Communication
All collected information is securely transferred and encrypted.
Immediate Report Copy
You can immediately print a temporary copy of your incident report after filing it. An official copy, with a permanent case number, will be emailed to you once it is approved (within 3 – 5 days).
If you have questions regarding the use of this system please call us at 704-866-6702.
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