Permit Issuance Information

Once you have received the email regarding the approval of plans, complete a permit application listing all trade contractors and list emails for all trades, if you have not already done so.

Please email or fax to 704-836-0044.  Once this updated application is received, we will notify you when it is ready to be issued.

There will be a $15 per sheet charge for revisions to already approved plans after permit issuance.  

The General Contractor must come to the office to sign the permit and retrieve the placard and field set of plans, if paper plans were submitted.  These plans will be red-lined and stamped and must remain on site at all times.  If the plans are electronic, we will email the approved stamped set of plans but they will need to be printed and on site for each inspection.  Failure to have stamped plans on site will result in a failed inspection and posibly incur re-inspection fees. 

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