Read This First

The Gastonia Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office works hand-in-hand with the Building Department and Zoning to mandate all new construction, major renovations, and occupancy change of uses within the city limits of Gastonia, North Carolina. 

If your project includes the installation or modification of fire alarm and detection systems, automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems, automatic fire suppression systems, spray paint booths, tanks, tents or membrane structure including carnivals, blasting, or underground/aboveground flammable liquid storage tanks the following process should be followed to expedite your project:

  1. Check the plan submittal requirements located at the links below for simple to follow instructions on what is required. Doing so will assure you are submitting the correct way.
  2. In order for the work to be done, a permit MUST be obtained through the Fire Marshal’s office. Work done without a permit will result in a stop work order being issued, double fee assessed, and the Fire Marshal will contact the state to report the illegal work that was done.
  3. Plans for any of the above mentioned must be submitted directly in person or via postal mail to the Fire Marshal’s Office located at: 260 N. Myrtle School Road in Gastonia, North Carolina 28052.
  4. Plans must be accompanied with a completed permit application, and permit fee. Permit fees can be paid with a check, or with a Visa or Mastercard. (We do not accept cash or American Express). If you plan to pay with a credit card, please fill out a credit card authorization form and submit it with your plans. Plans that are submitted with no permit fee will be turned down until all fees are paid.
  5. The Fire Marshal’s Office reserves 10 business days to receive, review, and communicate back to the submitting company.
  6. Once the plans are reviewed and if approved the permit will be issued. The permit must be picked up from the Fire Marshal’s Office, and remain on site for the duration of the work being done.
  7. The Fire Marshal’s Office reserves the right to change or modify and fire protection system or device on site according to the fire code, even if the plans have been previously approved.

Our goal is to assist you with your project being done within the city limits of Gastonia, and to assure that it is done according to the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code. 


Chris Stowe

Fire Marshal

Gastonia Fire Department