YOu can still recycle

 Curbside recycling has ended in Gastonia.

Your recyclables:

You can still take seven types of recyclables to the Farmers Market at 410 E. Long Ave. in Gastonia and any other Gaston County Recycling Center. See all locations.

Your recycling cart:

The City collected recycling carts in October and November 2020. If your gray recycling cart was not collected by Nov. 20, please contact the City on the WasteWise app using the “Request Recycle Cart Pickup” tab or email  

If you need an additional garbage cart:

Please contact the City on the WasteWise app or email to request an additional cart. Each additional garbage cart will add $7.50 per month to your Solid Waste bill. If you request an additional cart, the cart will be delivered after the collection of all recycle carts in the City, probably in late November through December.

Answers to common questions about the end of Gastonia’s curbside recycling program:

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