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Yard trimmings and brush are collected separately from garbage so that they can be taken to a facility where they’re turned into mulch – instead of depositing them at a landfill and wasting valuable natural resources. Check out our leaf collection page for info about when and how we collect leaves.

Yard waste collection schedule

  • City-issued yard waste carts are emptied weekly on the customer’s regular garbage collection day. Information about yard waste carts is below.
  • Loose yard waste is collected once a month. Loose yard waste includes items piled at the curb, items in personal containers, or any yard waste not in a City-issued cart.
  • Residents with the WasteWise app can receive notifications when we will collect yard waste on their street.

The collection of loose yard waste is not on a specific schedule because the amount of yard waste throughout the City varies widely from week to week. 

City-issued yard waste carts
An optional 95-gallon brown yard waste cart is available for $50 by calling City Solid Waste's customer service center at 704-866-6774 or by requesting one using the WasteWise app. The one-time fee is charged on your utility bill, but there is no additional monthly charge for the cart. The cart will be maintained by the city for the life of the cart. We will also repair lids, wheels and other parts of the cart if necessary. The yard waste cart is great for grass clippings, shrub trimmings, fallen leaves, and smaller sticks and branches. Please do not contaminate with trash such as plastic flower containers, bags or other debris.

Putting yard waste at the curb
Individual tree and shrub limbs up to four feet long and four inches in diameter can be stacked curbside. No plastic bags, garbage, bulk items, stumps or root balls are accepted in brush piles. To avoid collection charges, make sure piles do not exceed 4.5 cubic yards or what will fit in the bed of a standard size pickup truck. Please do not place in the street or on a sidewalk. Remember that loose yard waste is collected once a month and not on your regular garbage pickup day.

Fees for large amounts of loose yard waste
Fees for yard waste collection are $25 for any amount over 4.5 cubic yards or easily measured by what will fit into the back of a standard size pickup truck. The fee can be increased in increments of $25 per truck load. Most of these collections will require the use of our large knuckle boom truck.


YW Collection Program

  • The measurement of 4.5 cubic yards is approximately equal to a full-size pick-up truck bed filled to the top of the cab.
  • The fee is assessed on girth rather than weight.
  • Bulk limbs are collected manually by a 3-person crew and/or mechanically by a truck that has a knuckle boom arm with a clam shell.

Options to avoid a yard waste collection fee:

  • City-issued yard waste carts - these carts are 95 gallon (same size as a garbage cart) and can hold up to 300 pounds of yard waste material. The cost of the cart is a one-time $50 charge and can be purchased on a 5-month payment plan through utility billing. Once purchased, the cart is repaired and/or replaced, at no charge, for the life of the cart. Use the WasteWise app or call 704-866-6774 to request a yard waste cart.
  • In addition to the yard waste cart, customers can  place a loose pile of material at the curb that is less than a standard pick up truck load at no charge. Remember that City crews collect loose yard waste less frequently and on a different day than they empty yard waste carts.
  • Customers may choose to place their yard waste at the curb in smaller increments, rather than one large pile that exceed the pick-up truck load.
  • Customers can take their yard waste to the Gaston County Yard Waste Facility or one of its Convenience Sites for $4 per pick up truck load. Site locations can be found at: http://www.gastongov.com/government/departments/solid_waste/recycling_centers.php 

Examples of other city's programs:

  • City of Rock Hill – $5 per cubic yard fee will be assessed to residents who have more than 2 cubic yards of large yard debris out on their collection day. A limit of 2 cubic yards of large yard debris (about the size of two standard refrigerators) will be picked up at no cost to the resident each week.
  • City of Durham - a single, monthly yard waste charge of $7.50 for all customers that includes cart repair and maintenance services, cart replacement as needed, and collection and processing of yard waste materials.  Additional carts, if needed, are charged $1.50 per month.  And of course, customers continue to receive two annual curbside collections of bulky brush as part of their service, at no additional cost.
  • City of Burlington - Larger yard waste, in volume or length, is collected Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday on a convenience schedule by a special knuckle boom truck. There is a special collection charge if the amount collected exceeds 3 cubic yards for a minimum of $13.50 charge. Collection cost is determined by the number of scoops required to collect the waste.
  • City of Greensboro - yard waste is collected weekly and is included in the residents taxes that is if the yard waste is prepared to code.

Drop it off at a Gaston County Convenience Site:
Please click here  for a list of those sites and their locations.

Compost it in your own back yard
Click here  for information on how to create your own composting area.

For more information please contact the City Solid Waste customer service center at 704-866-6774 or generalservices@cityofgastonia.com.

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