Many blockages in the sewer system are caused by Grease. Please support the City's grease elimination efforts. You, as a citizen of Gastonia can help by disposing of grease properly. It must never be poured down the drain. Place it in a container with paper items that will absorb the grease, put a lid on it, and place it in the trash.

FOG Education Flyer

 Easy Online Applications:

Food Service Establishment Permit Application

Automotive and Washing Establishment Permit Application


Food Service Establishment Information (pdfs):

List of Grease Haulers

Requirements for Food service or Auto Washing Establishments - Click Here


Standard Details (pdfs):

71B-28A In Ground Grease Interceptor

71B-29 In Ground Oil/Grit Separator



For additional information, please contact Tyler Alexander:

Office: 704-854-6669 

Email: Tylera@tworiversutilities.com  

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