Tactical Team/Field Force

Tactical Team members respond to any situation where special training and tactics can be utilized, and a fast response is necessary to protect life and property. Members function as a tactical response for Patrol Division emergencies. These include high risk incidents such as active shootings, armed suspects, and inner security perimeters. During these situations, the team establishes and maintains scene security pending the stand-up of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, when applicable. Members of the team train on a regular basis.
Tactical Team snipers are assigned within the tactical team. These snipers are independently assigned to each patrol team, providing coverage for an on-duty shift sniper when an incident arises. This allows the assigned sniper to provide tactical coverage and intelligence at an early stage during the development of an incident. Tactical Team snipers train an additional day each month during a combined SWAT sniper/Tactical Team sniper training day. In its role as a Mobile Field Force, the team provides a rapid, organized, and disciplined response to civil disorder, crowd control, or other tactical situation.

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