Black Gold Sales

What Is Black Gold?

Black Gold consists exclusively of ground compost from leaves collected from Gastonia residences and municipal properties.
It contains no dyes, artificial fertilizers, or additives of any kind.
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What’s the difference between Black Gold and mulch?
KGB’s Black Gold is different than the typical backyard compost that often includes food waste and possibly chicken/rabbit manure. Our Black Gold is almost exclusively leaf and maybe some yard clippings, which makes for good organic nutrients, that when mixed with soil, slowly release its nutrients back to plants. It is a wonderful amendment and can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers. Many people side-dress existing plants, giving time for the Black Gold to slowly release to the soil.
Mulch, on the other hand, is a more course product, and although as organic as is compost, will need much more time for microorganisms to break down the material and allow nutrients to enter into the soil, ready for plants to absorb.
When: Regular sales take place every spring and fall as scheduled: Come back soon for details!
Fridays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

Where: 3175 Duke Street (off of Gaston Day School Rd.)

Cost: $15.00 per scoop (approximately 3 cubic yards) 3 cubic yards = 240 sq ft at 4 inches thick

In the event of rain please call 704.869.1008 or visit for information on cancelation or possible rescheduling of sale.


Help us prevent litter... Bring a Tarp to Cover Your Load!  Tarps are available onsite, just ask one of the volunteers.

All funds go toward KGB’s beautification efforts.


Watch this video to see how your trip to Black Gold will go!



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