Theft from Motor Vehicle

theft car target
Is your vehicle a target? In the last three years there have been about 1,800 thefts from vehicles and 700 vehicle thefts in Gastonia. Vehicle owners who make the following mistakes become easy targets for thieves: leaving valuables in plain view, the car running, keys in the vehicle, doors unlocked, or an open window. Motorists should avoid leaving these items in plain view: phones, purses, credit cards, radar detectors, sports equipment, laptop computers, tablets, removable radios, pagers, briefcase, weapons, money or loose change, CD's, wallets and clothing.
The following crime prevention tips are recommended:
  • When using your garage, make sure your vehicle and garage door are locked
  • Lock your vehicle and take out the keys
  • Completely close all car windows
  • Try to park in well-lit areas close to your destination
  • Don't leave valuables in plain view
  • If valuables need to be left in your vehicle, place them in the trunk prior to arriving at your destination
  • Engrave expensive accessories
  • Use anti-theft devices such as a tire or steering wheel lock and an audible alarm
  • Take out removable radios and faceplates
  • Avoid parking between large vehicles (they provide cover for thieves)
  • Avoid leaving your vehicles running while unattended (especially while warming the vehicle)

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