Event Permits

The City of Gastonia administers permitting for several different types of special events:
Block Party:  A gathering which requires the closure of a street.

Parade:  A march or procession which interferes with pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.

Athletic Events:  An occasion when a group of participants collectively engage in a sport or other forms of physical exercise, which interferes and/or obstructs pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes bicycle and foot races.

Other Special Events:  Street fair, arts and crafts show, soapbox derby, rally or other events, which interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Carnivals, Circuses & Rodeos: Larger events, including but not limited to, carnivals, circuses and rodeos may only be approved by City Council following a public hearing to determine that the event will be safe and not have a negative impact on adjoining properties.

Event and related permits can be obtained in the Parks and Recreation Office located at 109 West Second Ave, Gastonia, NC 28052. For more information and applications for event permits, please see the Quick Links section to the right.
Contact Information:
Christine Carlson Event Planner/Resource Manager
Parks and Recreation
109 West Second Avenue
Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone 704.869.7892