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Discolored Water
When repairs are made to water lines, dirt and mud may get into the lines and water at a home may be discolored.  Opening the faucets in your home and allowing the water to run for several minutes will normally correct the problem.  This also eliminates any air that may have gotten into the lines.  If problem persists, call 704.866.6843 and TRU crews will come and flush the lines by opening the nearest fire hydrant.  If there have been no recent repairs in the area by TRU crews, customers may call the Water Supply & Treatment Plant at 704.854.6686 to schedule a time for the water to be tested.
Water Leaks
TRU is responsible for the maintenance and repair of water lines up to the meter at the customer’s address.  When a leak is reported, a field supervisor visits the site to evaluate the severity of the leak and determine if the water is going through the customer’s meter.  Any leak that involves the meter will have a high priority to avoid charges to the customer’s account.  Before making a repair on a water line, underground utilities will be located through NC811. Locates normally take 3 working days and ensures safety while working.  Depending on the number of leaks, it may be several weeks before the repair is completed.  Older pipes are vulnerable to leaks during extremes in temperature so there are more leaks reported in summer and winter months.  Leaks may be reported 24 hours a day by calling 704.866.6843. 

Sewer Odors or Sewer Backups
TRU will investigate any sewer odor or backup reported by a customer.  Maintenance crews routinely clean the sewer lines to assure that lines are not blocked with grease, dirt, paper or tree roots.  When a problem is reported the crews typically check and clean the lines in the immediate area.  If the main lines are flowing freely, it may be a problem with the sewer service line to the house.  If there is no clean out at the edge of the property, the homeowner will be responsible for blockages.  If it is the service line, crews will notify the customer to call a licensed plumber.  Complaints are normally handled the same day that they are reported.  Sewer problems may be reported 24 hours a day by calling 704.866.6843.

Pests in the Manholes
Manholes can provide a dark and damp home for pests and during dry summer months, pests can find needed moisture in the manholes.  This can become a problem for homeowners.  If you notice pests near a manhole, please call 704.866.6843 and our crew will come and spray.

Storm Drainage Problems
The purpose of the storm drain system is to prevent flooding of streets and highways by quickly and efficiently transferring rain water into creeks.  During heavy rains, if storm drains are covered with debris, water cannot be diverted and flooding may occur.  To help alleviate problems, keep the storm drains in front of your property clear of debris and never pile leaves or other yard waste where it might interfere with drainage.  The Stormwater Utility Division provides assistance for drainage problems.  Please call 704.869.1063 to request assistance from our Stormwater Utility.

Water Pressure Problems
A water main break or TRU crews working on water lines can create low water pressure.  Please call 704.866.6843 to check for a problem in your area.  If your home was built after 1985, there is a possibility that there is a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed in your home.  When the valve begins to fail, water pressure can vary.  With low pressure, it takes longer to fill sinks and tubs.  Too much pressure can cause noise in the pipes and leaking faucets. In older homes gradual buildup in galvanized pipe can cause low water pressure.  There may be times a plumber will be required to correct the problem.

Meter Box Filled with Water
After heavy rains, it may take several days for water to evaporate from the meter box.  If water is bubbling up out of the box, please call 704.866.6843 to report the problem.  If the water inside the box is swirling, this could also indicate a leak and should be reported. 

Hydrant Damage
TRU crews routinely flush hydrants to assure water quality.  If a hydrant is leaking or running or if it appears to be damaged, call 704.866.6843 to report the problem.

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