Zoning Verification Letters

A Zoning Verification Letter (ZVL) is a written document from the Planning Department verifying the following:

  • Property is located within the City of Gastonia Planning jurisdiction;
  • The zoning designation of the property;
  • Verification that a particular use is permitted within the property’s zoning district; and
  • Zoning regulations if applicable to the property;
  • Status of open zoning violation cases against the property. Please be advised that an inspection of the property or building will not be conducted as part of the Zoning Verification Letter request.

To obtain an official ZVL from the City of Gastonia, you must complete the following information:

  • Online application form at https://gastonianc.seamlessdocs.com/f/PlanningZVL.
  • Payment is $47.25 per parcel request.  Check or debit/credit card is accepted.  If paying by check, make check payable to the City of Gastonia) and mail to the City of Gastonia, Attn: Zoning Department, PO Box 1748, Gastonia NC  28053.  If paying by credit/debit card, you will need to wait until you receive a permit # from the Zoning Department.  Once you receive your permit #, call 704-866-6729 option #3. 

Please complete the online Zoning Verification Form. Provided that all required information has been submitted, it may take up to 21 calendar days for a ZVL to be processed. Failure to provide all required documentation outlined above will result in a delay of processing of the request. If you have not received your letter after the 21st day, email planning@cityofgastonia.com to check the status.

The ZVL does not verify compliance with development regulations, parking, or certify legal non-conforming status. The Zoning Office does not provide verification of building or fire code compliance. Our letters are specifically for zoning.

The submission of sample letters with desired format or content is not permitted. A ZVL does not provide legal opinions or advice. A ZVL does not authorize development activity.

To obtain Certificates of Occupancy for open or unresolved building code violations, contact the Building Services department at 704-866-6729 and press 3 or email codeenf@cityofgastonia.com.

For information on any open or unresolved Fire Code violations, contact the City of Gastonia Fire Department at 704-866-6806 or 704-866-8607.

To obtain site plan information, contact Engineering & Land Development at 704-866-6943 or engineering@cityofgastonia.com.

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The Planning Department is located at Garland Municipal Business Center at 150 S. York Street on the second floor.
Contact Information:
Garland Municipal Business Center
150 S. York Street, Gastonia, NC  28052
(PO Box 1748, Gastonia, NC  28053-1748)
704.854.6652 (office)
704.869.1960 (fax)