Digital Submittal Guidelines

Digital Submittal Guidelines

The City accepts digital submittals in .pdf format. These plans should be uploaded via the Cityview PORTAL. File requirements are as specified below.

 Plan Document Submittal Requirements:

  • Plans should ONLY be Submitted as .PDF files (We do not accept; dwg. cad, .jpg, .tif, .xlsx)
  • Maximum PDF File Size: (60MBs)
  • PDF Files cannot contain pre-existing Markups.
  • PDF Files cannot contain pre-existing Layers.
  • PDF Files should be Grayscale/Black white (No Color)
  • PDFs must be flattened.
  • PDF Security Settings:
    • PDFs MUST allow Markups. (Not be locked to disallow)
  • PDFs cannot contain hypertext links to other files/sites.
  • Recommended Naming Convention:
    • Keep File Names Consistent
    • Avoid the use of Non-Friendly Names (ex: k9dk38fj3.pdf)
    • Recommended naming convention for submittal documents example:
    • Example: “Sub1 Floor plans 123 Main St.pdf
      • “Sub 1” represents which submittal
      • “Floor plans” represents the specific submittal requirement item (Floor plans)
      • “123 Main St” represents information to identify the project
    • Applicants should submit one (1) file per submittal requirement. This makes it much easier to track corrections, markups and resubmittals.

RESUBMITTAL Document Requirements: A “Resubmittal Document” is defined to be your corrected documents that we have previously reviewed. Resubmittal documents should follow the guidelines above as well as the Resubmittal Documents Requirements below.

  • Resubmitted Documents Should Include ALL pages from the original document, NOT just those pages which have changed.
  • All resubmitted documents MUST be provided after you have received the Corrections Letter (While the application is in a “Waiting for Resubmittal” status.)
  • If you are resubmitting a plan document, make sure you are clicking the New Version button, NOT the Browse button.
  • The browse button should only be used if you are submitting a new document, not a new version of an existing document.

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